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Posted by Stephanie Shreeve on
"Yeah I should do that" is a very common response on ones take re meditation. 
What if we turned that doubtful should into a positive could?
Sure - Discipline and persistence at the beginning is absolutely required of you but soon enough you will start to reap the constructive, euphoric and life changing benefits that hesitation won't even be an option.  
Where the hell do I start you say?
- Download a guided meditation from the App Store on your phone.
1 Giant Mind | Happy Wave | Headspace are all straight forward and supportive platforms when getting started. 
- Create a morning routine that allows you to tap in and show up as your best self for the day ahead. 
- Set an alarm that has you wake up an. hour earlier then you usually would. Your day will be that much more productive.
- Find a buddy you can hold accountable. Ask a friend if they could be interested to give the medi life a go and share the experience. Checking in with a friend can make the process really fun in the beginning, naturally over time you will manifest like minded souls into your world where meditation becomes a daily no brainer like brushing def teeth. 
Often your mind will be so 'occupied' and 'busy' that the thought itself of switching off and sitting in silence pains you to the core but you must know thats when meditation is most needed.
Being hard on yourself is defeating the purpose, don't spend time doing that. If you fall off the wagon ( which given you're human you will) just get back on track and start again. Simple.
I live by the quote on quote mantras "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change" and "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
With all the distractions we have in the world today, meditation has become an absolute necessity as its the answer to surrender, accept and return back to your natural state: 
J O Y.
Taping in has become an art.
I could go on about wellness to the cows come home but meditation is the foundation, Meditation is the gateway to well being.
By just starting somewhere you are already leaps and bounds ahead.
Much Love,
Steph xxx 


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