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We live in a time where impulse for instant gratification has never been more apparent, suppressing has become the relatable.

The goal, I believe - Is really very simple. Hence why I believe in this program that evokes the passion, belief and audacity back into our youth. They never lost their inspiration or faith, Most likely have just been clouded by so much noise they have lost sight of their highest potential, their limitless capabilities. 

The essence of SOS is solely holding space for our Youth, Sharing specific strategies that assist in students ultimate wellbeing, creating a loving and blissful mental state as they are the bedrock for our future. 

This is what the program revolves around:

Opportunity and Evolution

Peace and Trust

Harmony and Humility.

I so strongly believe, there has never been a more pivotal time in spreading this awareness and gathering together a vulnerable yet safe space to connect on a level deep down, we as a collective are all yearning.

2019 is a year to alleviate and anxieties and soar, Parents, Teachers and of course, our children. 
 Well done Steph! I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like it before. You have a very special gift and we are so lucky to have you in our life.

- Veronica Parsons (St. Leonards college science teacher)