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Throughout the never ending process of personally overcoming ingrained addictive behavioural patterns, I found nurturing refuge in the studies of Human Behaviour, Yoga, Youth Work, Metaphysics and Meditation. 

My driving force behind this platform is simply in sharing tools that profoundly assist in cultivating consciousness.

It is in the awareness of where we can begin to alleviate anxieties, stress factors and depressive symptoms that inevitably arise in doing life above ground in 2018.

In order to break free from any conditioned blockages, beliefs, hesitations and deep rooted limitations, I encourage you to embark in a specific scientifically proven process that enables you to fire and wire new thoughts which then ultimately lead to newly felt emotions and experiences.

Mindfulness, Health and wellbeing -  Fairly loaded words these days, would you agree?

We know what is generally 'better' for us? So why do we still turn to vices and coping mechanisms at all costs?

Because, Emotions - We've become afraid to feel anything that doesn't resonate with a 'highlight reel'.

We live in a time where impulse for instant gratification has never been more apparent, suppressing has become the relatable.

The goal ~ I believe,

Finding a happy medium by embodying equipoise and establishing a relationship with your essence that has you no longer running from yourself!

Easier said then done?

I hear you.

There is no sugar coating that this is an unsettling ride of ups and downs, doubts and pain. Appreciating this to be your growth and induction to something greater then you've ever previously imagined, a whole other story...

Ready to rewrite yours?

~ To get in touch regarding workshops, events, one on one consults, school talks or any public speaking events, please email through your interest to: and a personal brief will be designed to meet your curriculums specific needs. ~

All my love,

Stephanie x