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If you're reading this because your life at present feels like a mess, you're constantly cheating on yourself, suppressing emotions and forever falling down a dark pit. Know I've been there and have managed to discover what it requires to turn it all around.
My name is Steph Shreeve, I used to travel the world as a model, projecting a life of glamour and fun but deep down was unfulfilled, constantly stressed, disconnected with myself and miserable.
Unaware to this being the case I continued playing the game I had always been immersed in. 
I'd become immune to horrible relationships with food, being anxious, immersed in surface based encounters, constantly bloating and belching, feeling fatigued, inflamed psoriasis, crippling arthritis, subconsciously stressed and behind the erratic energy nothing but depressed.
All of this was all so well hidden as i'd cultivated many masks to wear out of fearful protection in anyone dare knowing I wasn't okay.
Tricky when you're whole life you've been told by medical professionals "You're fine", "Its all in your head", "just smile" & "It could be worse."
In April 2017 - Only last year,  I was diagnosed with 40 co infections and Chronic late stage Lyme disease - explaining the excessive inflammation in my body and brain that was creating all these symptoms but never being treated because of lacking awareness of the root cause.
Receive your ROOT CAUSE and trust me when I say everything changes. 
When you too get real with yourself - Are you constantly suffering but covering up the seriousness of just how severe and soul destroying these symptoms are
 you've lived with for as long as you now remember?
From my closest friends to clients, relatives, people I meet from uber drivers to the waitress at my local chai store and the mum I meet in yoga class all RELATE.
People are suffering and were not really talking about it enough. 
Hiding this gained knowledge through my own experiences isn't an option for me any longer.
Sharing with you what I wish I'd had awareness on many years ago.
Aware to speaking out about an "Invisible disease" that is not only misunderstood but unrecognised in Australia is a risk, why? Because feedback.
When you've lived through something so debilitating to the point every organ of your body is weakened so cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, meditation and sleep are the only things that excite you there is a shift of conciseness that occurs and this awakening becomes the most exciting experience of your life.
Who would have known were designed to feel this good?
I was very unwell and miserableBelieving everyday that my diagnoses with Lyme disease and the array of mental and physical health challenges that have stemmed from it has not only been my biggest lesson but greatest blessing.
Adversity for everyone Is different.
As hell bent, cold and dark life can get through the process.
Trust it.
The universe is forcing you to get real with yourself, revaluate your current circumstances and leading you onto a path in alignment with your truth.
Not only fuelling but healing your soul. x
Steph Shreeve