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Believing everyday that my diagnoses with Lyme disease and the array of mental and physical health challenges that have stemmed from it has not only been my biggest lesson but greatest blessing.

It's forced me in getting real with myself, revaluate my circumstances and lead me onto a path that not only fuels but heals my soul - Finally living in alignment with my truth.

Everyday I choose to heal myself the best way I know how - Being of service to others.

Sharing extensive knowledge, tools, tips and insight from the tools Ive cultivated in studying - Holistic Nutrition, Yoga and Meditation with crazy passion stemming from my own direct experience, "In my core I know thats how I become so alive, whether its with my clients or speaking to an audience. I went through hell so I can live my truth and inspire others to so the same."

Instead of playing victim, feeling sorry for myself and manifesting more dis ease within ( Which Im the first to hold accountable of doing so for far too long) I now instead spend my time meditating, journaling, reading, researching, sharing, connecting with likeminded people, nourishing, practicing gratitude and most importantly following a FEELING and remaining true with everything I do.

You could definitely say my definition of "FUN" has been redefined and I wouldn't have it any other way ;) You have to totally own your desires and not let society or others ideals and norms effect what feels right in your heart. This is very important in finding pure fulfilment and contentment WITHIN.

My past in a visual - Watching a never ending tornado through a grey haze. ( I actually had the nickname Hurricane Katrina...) Yes - This now Yogi and twice a day medi devotee was one very self destructive and disconnected soul. Constant running, fear, suppressing emotions, late nights, Putting on a facade, unfulfilled work life, partying, alcohol, drugs, social media, binging, purging, excessive exercise..... The list could go on - All in all I was one HOT miserable MESS but I wasn't to know. 

Everything we go through serves a beautiful purpose for when it took place in your life - this does not mean you need to keep revisiting or reliving it. With no label, regret or judgment - It just is what it is. Making a choice to incorporate change is the only way we grow and learn as spiritual beings. 

I live by the mantra "Eliminate all that doesn't help you evolve"

Its taken me a while or my diagnoses you could say to TRULY surrender to my old ways and incorporate a completely new lifestyle that supports, heals and inspires me to be the best version of myself. I was just exisiting for far too long, putting up a constant facade. - What a miserable way to live.

Never would I have imagined taking this spiritual path but like they say, sometimes it takes losing EVERYTHING to reclaim your power and discover your true purpose and passions for this lifetime. 

Chronic fatigue, arthritis, acne, bloating, inflamed gums, abdominal pain, cognitive impairment, bulimia nervosa, psoriasis, depression,anxiety and constant mistreated prescriptions had me hit rock bottom -  Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life, so you could say Im grateful for it all.

There are many books, mentors, friends and teachers that have contributed to my healing since wholeheartedly embarking on this wellness journey but if I was to suggest one way you could absorb pretty much all the pearls of wisdom I have been seeking for years - It lies within this book, Absolutely anyone and everyone will benefit from reading it.  - "The Body is the Barometer of the soul" So be your own doctor 11. 

Its completely changed my life - "When you are healing yourself first, that is when you are helping the world, Nothing happens to you that you can't handle and that our purpose in life is to grow spiritually and raise our level of consciousness to become one with all things."

Waking up everyday to do what I love doesn't feel like work, Its what I live for. Healing myself, being of service to you. I feel very grateful to have found what lights me up in this life and desire helping others to experience the same.

"Find out what you like doing best in the world and that is your profession for this lifetime. If you are earning your living from what you love doing that is when you will be happy."

Forget the doubt and fears that limit you and just GO FOR IT!

Steph xo