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Poetry is the art of emotion and connection. It is the voice inside us all.

My poems are like prayers to the universe.
I don’t have all the answers, but I hope that my questions can help inspire you to find the poet in yourself. Telling your story can change the world.

- IN Q.



Starting new
Is something very few of us allow ourselves to do.

Letting go
Of the lost and confused you
In order to embrace
This wiser woman of true.

Your past is no longer something you can connect with because it isn’t who you are anymore.

Why do we need to continue suffering this at the core?

Your spirit has woken and the masks have been dropped, time to celebrate for you’ve finally unlocked all that’s been blocked.

Your priorities have shifted
And your self-respect is number one.
Maybe amongst this awakening does lie a barrel of newly defined ‘fun’

Your body has gone through all the waves and notions that no man could dare to comprehend such potion.

You always appeared in the eyes of others to be fine and maybe that’s why your need for validation by brothers no longer stands to care, for you lost everything one couldn’t even imagine to bare.

The exhaustion to explain
Something that bought you so much pain Became easier to hide
And slip to the side.
You accepted the controversy and sceptical views that the thought in itself, inevitably sang blues. 

(Invisible illness)

-S. Willow Shreeve 


All that you were running from

We’re indications

Needing to succumb

Invitations to step out of unconsciousness

And into a dimension that

Fills the rest.

No more of a quest

But finally time to rest

Appreciating the test

For this lesson

Has  bought out my best.

 - S. Willow Shreeve 


First you heal

A shattered heart

In order to reveal

The meaning to life’s art.

S. Willow Shreeve 


You know when the feelings too much to process,

But you obsess in excess

Mastering the art of suppress

Analysing why you’re not swimming in success yet?

And not to forget the rest,

How did I get here?

A depressed mess.

Called to confess

Not to impress

But address

An issue

Effecting more or less

Anyone with an iPhone.

You can guess the rest..

we’re all possessed

With arced up demons in our heads

Needing to be blessed.

- S. Willow Shreeve


It’s an everyday symphony

Of distorted conspiracy’s

What happened to constructive energy

Creating a legacy?

Enough of this complicity.

- S. Willow Shreeve


Moments of strife

Teaching us in life,

When shit hits the fan

To remain all you can

For we’re constantly tested

Never solely rested

Each abruption

Far from an interruption

But a chance to test your will

In any form of corruption.

You see,

Destruction is all around

Let’s not be ignorant to just how profound.

No matter how strong one becomes

There’s always someone in need,

To succumb.

It may be your dear Mum

Who keeps turning to the bottle of Rum

In order to numb

The emotional pain

Of life’s

beating drum.

- S. Willow Shreeve


If we comprehended it was all vibration,

Everyone would be first in line for a re incarnation.

Why do you keep faking?

It’s only ever breaking,

All that you really are

Leaving brutal scars.

Holding you back

From making your mark

Bring forth your charm

Of truth and calm.

Let down your guard

And reveal who you really are.

- S. Willow Shreeve